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Do you have any idea how many online casinos are out there? Dozens? Hundreds?? Try multiplying that by at least 10, you’ll be nearer the mark!

Unfortunately as in all walks of life, there are good apples and bad, and we make it our personal mission to ensure that you get only the good apples! The choicest ones in fact.

This isn’t just fluffy marketing rhetoric - we wouldn’t be in business if we recommended something that had anything less than a stellar reputation for one thing, so it’s a two-way street and we work hard to build up a good relationship with the best casinos online, and pass that on to you soonest!

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Is there a ‘best-of-the-best’?

Which is the best online casino? Well that’s a bit like saying which is heavier, a kilo of copper or a kilo of lead!

Nonetheless we have identified the top casinos online, and from that we can give you the best online casino reviews.

The best casinos will naturally have to go the extra mile (or hundred miles!) not only to earn the title, but retain and maintain it as well, helping to set the industry benchmark and maintaining quality industry-wide too.

What you should look for

But what do the best online casinos have in common that sets them apart from the pack?

Naturally the basics need to be covered as with all our reviews. This means, alas, that Unibet falls short almost from the get-go, with its paltry customer services and rather piratical attitude towards players’ deposits and winnings.

Being licensed in a reputable jurisdiction where audits are taken seriously and regulations enforced (or even simply existing) such as Malta or the Isle of Man is a given.

Top online casinos will always have a spread of secure, varied payment methods which work for all areas of the globe and are easy to use.

Not just that, but speed of payment on winnings also have to be market leading – and with lead times of as low as a few hours between win and payment received, it really means speedy indeed.

Customer services essential for anyone trying to be the best

Customer services – now, that’s a hot potato for any would-be best casino. It has to be bang on the money, with a rapid response (meaning within seconds for online chat windows, for instance, and with a 24-hour availability), superb English (or whatever language is being touted as the main means of communication) and a variety of means by which they can be contacted…including a snail mail address (not just a PO address either, but an actual, physical location).

Another trait which a best casino online has to exhibit is being affiliated with an independent watchdog body like eCogra, who ensure that fairness in gaming occurs and whose rating can be withdrawn at any time an operator ceases to meet its stringent standards.

…and of course the games

The best selection of games around is also a prerequisite to feature in our best online casino reviews. This means at LEAST one developer should feature; more than one is preferable. And not just any old developer either – it has to be one of the ‘grand old men’ of online games, preferably NetEnt, Playtech or Microgaming, or some of the funkier newcomers like Thunderkick and Yggdrasil.

The state of the art slots have to be included, and really something with a progressive jackpot is necessary for consideration in the list of the best, although this can be waived if all the other areas are truly outstanding.

You should also be given the option of playing for free money, either for a limited or even better, unlimited, amount of time – these ‘free slot machine games’ are a great way to get acquainted with a game before committing yourself to anything.

Slots, whilst the bread and butter of the industry, are not the whole story.

In order to be even considered for the list of best online casinos, the site should have all the major table games, eg. BlackJack, Baccarat, Roulette etc. in multiple variations, as well as a live dealer option being pretty much well essential.

Variants of Poker including Omaha and Video Poker would also be required for any online casino with designs on being included in any list calling itself ‘best’, and an online poker room is a highly sought after feature too.

Finally options for sports betting and other games such as Keno or Bingo will stand an online gambling site in good stead.



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