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First Look At The Brand New NetEnt Slot – Hook’s Heroes

First Look At The Brand New NetEnt Slot – Hook’s Heroes

Ahoy, Mateys!

We are excited to see the first footage of the brand new pirate themed slot from NetEnt – Hook’s Heroes. Using a 20 line layout with 3 fantastic special features, you will not want to put this salty old pirate adventure down after you see the graphics and animations. Leave the landlubbers behind and join the fleet and sail towards the riches that the great sea sacredly guard.

Hook’s Heroes Slot

Who doesn’t love a good pirate tale? They were truly the rebels of the sea, sailing towards land as they please and plundering anything or anyone with a coin along the way. They were gamers in a sense themselves, a part from the obvious pillaging which we hopefully for the most part have set aside today, we definitely can relate to their all-or-nothing mentality, the need to win big and being willing to lose it all to get there.

By now, most of us have had the opportunity to try out the latest release from Netent, the shimmering success that is Sparks. Adding even more expense to what is coming next. You can find most of them on our free casino games section. This 20 line slot does include three appropriately themed game features which all have unique bonus triggers, some will multiply your wins to extraordinary amounts and others will replace an entire line with more beneficial symbols. These three symbols are represented as a scurvy pirate, an enticing mermaid and a shimmering fairy. Letting you plunder and win all the doubloons you could dream of when the game is released on the 23rd of September.

Hook’s Heroes Special Slot Elements

Why would an old salt such as yourself need silly things such as bonus rounds? Well, you might be surprised as to how much they can help you in your pillaging. You will be surprised once having activated one of the three using either free spins or single spins at what the results can be.

Pirate Feature

Once having activated the Pirate feature in the Hook’s Heroes slot, you will hopefully see some really big numbers as the feature will combine any two similar symbols as if they were on a consecutive line, regardless of where they are on the reels.

Mermaid Feature

The Mermaid feature works simply as a multiplier, however, as a unique touch, any salty seadog who successfully activates the feature while having a Wild on their reels will rake in a whopping 4 times the win, if there is no Wild your winnings will still be multiplied by 2.

Fairy Feature

When triggering the Fairy Feature, players can expect to see some proper treasure as the magical little creature adds one wild symbol to each reel. Along with the right combination, you are looking at some serious booty.

So, come September 23rd it will be time to raise your mast and set sail for the promise of riches, quirky characters and great gameplay.

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