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To be forewarned is to be forearmed as they say, and this applies to the world of gaming as much as it does in any other sphere.

There is no need to game in the dark, without knowledge about what is going on, and being up to date with the latest gambling news can make the difference between success and failure.

Casino Daily News is a site which is news-driven and based around the day-to-day developments in the online gambling industry, with the aim of providing you with the latest casino news so you can always stay one step ahead of the game.

Online Casino News

Pennsylvania Gaming Regulating Bill and Proposed Tax System Update

Last Tuesday, 21st March, Pennsylvania was presented with Sen. Jay Costa’s SB524 expansion bill as one step in an ongoing convoluted feud to legalise and regulate gambling in the state. [...]

The CS:GO Gambling Scandal and how one guy brought it all to light

Anyone who bets online knows that there are some very stringent rules and regulations that online casinos and betting sites need to adhere to, in order to be allowed to [...]

Pennsylvania’s Online Gambling Dream in Crisis

Pennsylvania, like Michigan, has been looking to officialise online gambling in all forms. However, Pennsylvania has been left behind tackling a hurdle that might mean an indefinite legal ban on [...]

Land-Based Casino News

Does Your Favourite online slot beat slots in land-based casinos?

Your favourite online slots have come a long way. Their origins lie in the classic slot machines you can still find in land based-casinos and gambling halls. The very old [...]

Gambling to Become Legal in the Ukraine; a Good Thing?

Gambling in the Ukraine- both land-based and online- has been strictly illegal since May of 2009. The Law on Prohibition of Gambling Business in the Ukraine was prompted by a [...]

Ladbrokes Merges Online and Offline Bet Placing and Cash Out

Ladbrokes has been king of the high street in the UK since the 1800s would you believe. They started out small but now a days you wont find a single British [...]



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Casino Winners

€Millions in Jackpot Wins on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Slots

Anyone who is a regular visitor to any of the most popular casinos will be familiar with jackpot slots. Much like a regular slot in design; where most games offer [...]

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Falls at £2.1 Million

Betsson Mega Fortune Dream 130x90
Last week saw the fall of NetEnt’s newest progressive jackpot slot, with one lucky player winning over €2.7 million at a Betsson Group casino! (more…) [...]

Swedish Player Wins €2.5 Million on Mega Fortune Touch at LeoVegas

LV Mega Fortune Touch 130x90
A lucky Swedish player has become an instant multimillionaire with one of NetEnt’s big jackpot slots at LeoVegas. (more…) [...]

Casino Videos

New Software Developers Shaking up the Gaming Market

Here in the gaming world it can be easy to slip into a routine of playing games made by the ‘big 3’ developers. (more…) [...]

Catch Up with the News in Our Latest Video News Bulletin

everest 130
This week in the Casino News Video Bulletin, we’re looking at a couple of exciting developments and one huge promotion at an exciting newly relaunched casino! (more…) [...]

New Slots, New Writers, and New Giveaways in this Week’s News Bulletin

  Bob Smith is in the hot seat for the latest edition of our news bulletin, bringing you a whole range of exciting news to sink your teeth into! (more…) [...]

Casino News

We have a tried and tested, proven list of reputable online casinos. It’s not easy to get on this list, it has to be said, and to get accredited with our site, a casino would need to tick all the necessary boxes, including being registered and licensed in one of the most prestigious jurisdictions (usually Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and the Channel Isles), having the widest selection of both up-to-date and classic games from the best developers, the most attractive bonuses and promos and the best customer support.

That said, for those casinos which do make the grade, we are more than happy to provide items on our news site in real time, bringing you the best-written articles based on the most trusted insider knowledge that there is out there.

You will see we have daily-updated casino news articles which primarily focus on the following:

-welcome bonuses and free spins offered to new players,
-other bonuses and promotions open to existing players,
-new slots and promos accompanying their launch,
-huge progressive jackpots up for grabs
-announcements of big winners
-new casinos just launched and the games and bonuses they offer
-tech advances in mobile gaming and other areas
-humorous or scandalous developments in the casino gaming industry news.

This is all information which you can’t afford to be without, when you are risking your own hard-earned cash online.

That said, our casino gambling news isn’t ‘limited’ only to the above – you will also find longer items with helpful advice on gaming techniques and strategies, the legal status of gaming, regional developments in gambling round the world, the cultural impact of gaming and so on.

These longer gambling news articles out of necessity don’t appear quite as frequently as the daily casino industry news, as we understand you are busy people, but don’t forget to check them out at your leisure as you’ll find some real gems of wisdom which can pay-back the time taken to read them many times over.

Think of our site as a casino news magazine where you can find all you need under the one roof as well as hopefully getting entertained a little along the way!

In addition to that we also provide a casino newsletter in the form of a regular email alert which brings the news to your inbox without even having to log-on to the site (though of course we strongly advise you to do the latter as well!).

So be sure to bookmark to your favorites and let us keep you abreast of everything you need to know to be a successful gamer!

And feel free to leave a comment, query or other feedback in the comments box below and we’ll do our best to address it!
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