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Land-based casino news is not an area which readers might expect to appear on a news site about online gambling, but let’s face, just as users of e-reader technologies like Kindle reportedly tend to read more paper books as well, land casino news is always going to grip the online gamer in equal measure to online news.

Or turning it on its head, just as the rise of email, social media and mobile phones hasn’t changed the fact that we all crave some face time with real people, at least some of the time, so the same logic applies to online gaming as against high street gambling.

New Slots, New Writers, and New Giveaways in this Week’s News Bulletin

  Bob Smith is in the hot seat for the latest edition of our news bulletin, bringing you a whole range of exciting news to sink your teeth into! (more…) [...]

High Street Bookmakers Sign up with New Voluntary UK Watchdog

FOBT 130x90
In the ongoing saga about gambling regulation in the United Kingdom, a new development has raised eyebrows in some corners. (more…) [...]

What Makes Online Gambling Less Dangerous than Real-World Betting?

cards Shutterstock 130x90
Are you concerned by the amount you bet online? Chances are you’re spending less than what gamblers in brick-and-mortar casinos do. (more…) [...]

Premiership Football Betting – Betfair’s Odds on Liverpool v Villa

Betfair Football Betting 130 90  News
Sports betting is never a quiet or dull topic, it has to be said. (more…) [...]

Scottish Independence – Bookies on a Knife Edge

scottish independence news 130 90
Sometimes the bookies are stranger than reality… (more…) [...]

Light at the End of the Tunnel for New Jersey Sports Betting?

Chris Christie 130x90
There’s finally some good news for the New Jersey gambling scene after what could be termed its annus horribilis. (more…) [...]

Paddy Power Join with Premier League Giants in Anti-Homophobia Drive

Paddy Power Arsenal News 130 90
Paddy Power have hit the gaming headlines yet again, though thankfully this time it’s for a good reason. (more…) [...]

John Cleese tells Anti-Gambling Activists to Boil Their Bottoms

Spamalot 130x90
It turns out that the most visible of the old Pythons doesn’t like being badgered about things he has no control over… (more…) [...]

Famous (and Unexpected) Gamblers through History, Part 4

Dogs playing poker 130x90
History, of course, doesn’t just include what happened before now, but also what is on the go at the moment. (more…) [...]

Smoking to be Banned in Macau Casinos

smoking 130x90
Announced in May, but coming into force on 6 October 2014, Macau’s smoking ban has already taken form on paper. (more…) [...]
Necessarily, news about land based casinos is not going to be as frequent as the news about online gambling and gaming, but nevertheless we aim to provide the most interesting or relevant items to the site and, if you sign up to our email newsletter, to your inbox too.

Offline casino news might typically include legal developments in the gaming industry, for instance. These will often be specific to certain regions, for instance Scandinavia, or the US.

One very busy place in terms of bricks-and-mortar casino news is the UK, where at the time of writing, Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) were attracting a huge amount of press coverage dues to their controversial nature.

Such developments can lead to changes in the law which can have a knock on effect from the traditional type of gaming where the online casino industry will also be subject to changes in rules and regulations.

For instance, pressures to have pre-commitment regulations (where players are bound by law to limit the amount of money, and sometimes time, they can game within a day or some other time period) in the mainstream gaming industry might also apply to online casinos.

Such developments have happened in Norway, so this is one way in which offline casino news is important and significant.

In any case, as noted, online gamers are likely to be just as interested in developments in land based casinos as they are in the web-based world so we want to provide useful and interesting content for them.

This can include gaming strategies and tips which can be used just as readily in bricks and mortar casinos as they can online, with table games like Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette, not to mention the slots themselves – after all, the same principles apply…

Is that the whole picture?

No, not quite. One other significant area we’ll pick up on now and again is that of casino resort news. For one thing, some gambling sites often offer promotions with prizes such as trips to Las Vegas (as recently offered by Betway, for instance) to play in maybe more opulent surroundings than your average casino, and we expect further offerings to Macao, Monaco and other locations noted for sun, sea and gaming – one thing that may tempt you away from your home internet connection for a little while!

So, just as you use Casino Daily News for all the important and up to date online news, be sure to click back with us for the latest bricks and mortar casino news as well!



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