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You’ve taken the trouble to look around our site, and we thank you for that. But there is a real point to the material we’re providing.

Casino Daily News is, first and foremost, a site which is built around news.

You might be surprised that there is even such a thing as the latest online casino news, but you’d be mistaken…

All of the reputable online casinos are dynamic and are perpetually offering great welcome bonuses, free spins, promotions, competitions and more, so the world of online gambling news is constantly changing and in a state of almost Heraclitean flux (Wikipedia him!) and we at attempt to draw out the most important developments and bring them to you in an easily digestible form.

Pennsylvania Gaming Regulating Bill and Proposed Tax System Update

Last Tuesday, 21st March, Pennsylvania was presented with Sen. Jay Costa’s SB524 expansion bill as one step in an ongoing convoluted feud to legalise and regulate gambling in the state. [...]

The CS:GO Gambling Scandal and how one guy brought it all to light

Anyone who bets online knows that there are some very stringent rules and regulations that online casinos and betting sites need to adhere to, in order to be allowed to [...]

Pennsylvania’s Online Gambling Dream in Crisis

Pennsylvania, like Michigan, has been looking to officialise online gambling in all forms. However, Pennsylvania has been left behind tackling a hurdle that might mean an indefinite legal ban on [...]

Casumo’s Latest Additions to Their Jackpot Library

Casumo never does anything in small quantities. This also goes for its game acquisitions. In line with the change of season, Casumo is busy with a customary spring cleaning that [...]

How to win more money at live blackjack

live_blackjack 130x90
If you love the challenges that table games have to offer, then you are probably a big fan of card game blackjack. Blackjack is increasingly popular among online casino players. The [...]

Discover the odds for final Glastonbury Festival 2017 headliner

So, you’ve managed to secure yourself a pair of tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2017. Now what? It is time to get the rumour mill going about the final headliner. We [...]

Betsson Make Their Move Into the Spanish Online Casino Market

It's been recently announced that Betsson have made their first of many expected moves into the Spanish online casino market. At the end of last week, locally licensed Premier Casino became the latest [...]

Playtech, Yggdrasil announce impressive numbers for 2016

It’s been a good year in online gambling it seems, as two of the industry’s most respected game producers posted excellent financial results, going to show that a quality product [...]

Why are slot tournaments all the rage?

Mr Green CDN Thumbnail
There are plenty of ways to play online casino slots – You can either play for free and win nothing or else, use your own funds to play for money. But [...]

Free Spins Galore at These Top Casinos

When coming to a new casino for the first time, we know well that one of the first spaces on the page players’ eyes drifts to is the one that [...]
But it isn’t just the activities of online gambling sites which need publicizing. There are many casino games’ software developers who need special attention in our online gambling news articles as well, and we strive to bring you news about the newest games from developers like NetEnt, Playtech and newcomer Yggdrasil before any of our competitors.

Is that all when it comes to casino news online?

Far from it. We will cover developments in the world of sports betting, sponsorship of events and sports teams by the online casinos we list, announce big winners on the slots, and how they did it, and developments like mergers and takeovers of online gaming companies as well as the emergence of new companies.

Another regular feature of our online casino news articles is an occasional focus on less time-sensitive items.

One good example of this is gaming tips and strategies for table games like BlackJack or Roulette, and even for slots themselves.

Keeping abreast of the casino gaming industry news online also means bring the latest in relevant legal developments, regional news from places like the UK and Norway, which both have a thriving gaming sector, betting scandals, taxation issues, and sometimes news from the world of Poker as well.

Another burgeoning area in casino industry news online is mobile gaming. By that we mean playing slots, table games, sports betting and online Poker via your smartphone or tablet.

The smartphone revolution has transformed the way we play, and now we are able to play on the go, it’s even more important that you keep informed about what’s happening.

Luckily casinos are providing more and more content not only the Apple products like the iPhone and iPad, but equally to Android, Windows Phone and other products too, and of course they’re going to shadow developments in this area as much as any other industry which takes itself seriously would do.

Think of our site as an online casino news magazine, which has an intent to inform, educate and entertain and which you will want to check back with regularly.

More than that, you can also subscribe to our online casino newsletter, which will bring the most up-to-date gaming news to your email inbox without having to log on!

One last thing – we provide the latest online casino gambling news for a select group of a few dozen gambling sites. This is by no means the sum of everything that’s out there, in fact there are many, many times more sites than on our list, and that’s precisely the point – it’s difficult to sort out the wheat from the chaff if you don’t know what you are doing.

All our casinos are accredited by authorities like eCogra, based in reputable locations like Malta, and only carry the best online software – believe us, if for any reason a site ceased to measure up it would be removed from our list, so you should only game with those casinos we list and who we are happy to publish the latest news about.



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