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When the online casino industry was in its infancy more than 10 years ago, the internet was quite a different place than it is today…

No smartphones or tablets (properly speaking, anyway), Flash video was the newest thing out there, HTML5 existed but was little known and many people still didn’t have a home broadband link (or as often as not, a link of any kind)…

As a result, many online casinos required a download – often there was no choice and the download option was a better bet than the casino no download, because it would offer the better playing experience with slower connections, and people were perhaps (arguably) more predisposed to downloading files than they are today.

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Well, a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, and no download casinos are pretty much the norm these days, as are free casino games no download.

That is not to say that there aren’t any download casinos out there, of course there are, as many users will still prefer to install the required software for a variety of different reasons.

However, with internet speeds much faster now than ever before 10, 20 and more Mbps are standard for most users now, and that means that the problems which used to dog the no download online casino have pretty much been resolved.

But what are the advantages of a no download casino?

Aside from those noted above, the faster speeds which internet connections today enjoy removes the need for any kind of download, thus saving time, the main plus points are speed of play (also facilitated by increased speeds and improved technologies), security, and the fact that if you don’t wish to stick with a casino for whatever reason, you can move on to the next one just by closing your browser and without cluttering your desktop up with download icons.

What can you expect from an online casino no download?

Well for starters you can look forward to some free no download casino games like Roulette and Blackjack; even the slots.

In other words you can go straight to the online casino and start playing from your browser for fun, to get a feel for a game before you commit yourself to either the game or the site itself – and this can pay real dividends in your gaming career.

Please note that it will vary from site to site as to how much time you can spend playing for free – casinos have to make a living of course – but the advantage of free online casino games no download is that you can shop around with any one of the many online gambling sites to get round this; be warned though, there are a lot of rogues out there and some borderline cases as well so be sure to check back regularly with us for a list of all the reputable sites.

One other thing we should mention is that there are a lot of no download casino no deposit bonus sites out there. Put simply, this means that you can start playing without even making a deposit, which is another great way to play for free. This differs from the ‘play money’ explained above in that you are playing for real, but simply with money the casino has given you without having made a deposit. You would need to meet wagering requirements and ‘play through’ the requisite number of times (typically around 30 times) but anything you make beyond that will be yours to keep!



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