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The US market is a gaming market which merits a closer look all by itself, when it comes to online gaming in general as well as the search for the best online casino USA, so read on and we’ll give you some pointers...

Perhaps this is unsurprising; the original slot machines were invented in the US at the end of the 19th century, and Las Vegas, nothing less than the Mecca of gaming for the last 70-odd years, is in the US needless to say, and many of the technologies and developments which have led to the online gaming revolution originated in the states as well, so whatever your views, you can’t afford to ignore the USA casino sites!

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Does this mean that it’s all plain sailing in the world of the USA casino online? Far from it. One of the most earth-shattering developments in the US was the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act 2006 (UIGEA 2006).

This in short made online gaming illegal and had its biggest impact on the online Poker community (there had been a previous act called the Federal Wire Act 1961 which prohibited inter-state betting via wire communications, which back then obviously would have meant the telephone primarily) but also on online gaming in general.

It needs to be stressed that challenges are being mounted against the effects of the UIGEA 2006, and the situation will also differ from state to state – for instance at the time of writing, online gaming in New Jersey is legit - so it’s very much in a state of flux.

But the main thing is casino online USA is still very much alive and open for business, and obviously if you are outside the US you aren’t subject to US law so you will be able to game with them!

But why go for casino US, rather than any other location?

What about casinos elsewhere, aren't they just as good if not better than? The answer is it depends! For one thing, the jurisdiction you live in might mean you are prohibited from playing in some locations but are free to game with the best US online casinos.

You will need to check yourself what regulations apply (though if you check through our US online casino reviews you should be able to find out, or even from the casinos sites themselves).

On the other hand the US online casinos loss of much of their own domestic market have meant that they have had to adapt to survive and part of that adaptation would be opening themselves up to overseas custom.

Are there any other advantages to US casinos?

Well, it goes without saying that customer services will be of the utmost importance with a states-based site, and this was surely our experience when we quickly did a few test messages with the live chat services on some of these providers.

Our questions were resolved rapidly and politely – we’re not saying you won’t get the same level of service elsewhere, but if you want prompt and polite service with a native speaker of English, the US casino list might be the place to go!

Naturally Americans really know gaming; as noted the industry in its present day form evolved there as much as anywhere else, so you’ll get a great selection of games with an online casino US, and they might be quite different in their presentation than their European counterparts, with plenty on offer from different developers.

You would naturally be able to play in US$ as with the best online casinos for US players, but that doesn’t mean other currencies (notably British Pounds) won’t be viable as well.

One other thing we should mention before we go, is that you might find a great US casino no deposit bonus, and when you do that, you’re in for a special treat because it means you can start playing without having to put any money down! Anything you win over and above the wagering requirements is yours to keep, as well as being a great free introduction to gaming!

At the time of writing, High Noon was offering a no-deposit bonus, but be sure to shop around for others too!



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