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Take a glance at the payment methods page of any reputable online casino worth its salt and you'll see one logo appear again and again – that of Neteller.

But what is it, and what are the advantages of playing at casinos online that accept Neteller?

Neteller is one of the best established secure payment providers, with over a decade in business at the time of writing.

Once the product became popular, it’s little wonder that Neteller casino sites started appearing in its wake, which happened soon after the provider got underway in the marketplace.

There are many different payment methods, as noted above, and the list is growing all the time, but we can group the companies vying for your attention into 3 major areas.

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First, there are the ‘traditional’ methods of online payment, which would include not only credit and debit cards like Mastercard and Visa, but also wire transfer.

Second, there are prepaid cards, which are (usually) sold in fixed denominations and where you make payment using the number appearing on the card (so, in fact, you can dispense with the card in a lot of cases – provided you do not lose the number!).

And third, and this is the category that was really only made possible thanks to the rise of the internet and e-commerce (as we used to call it!), is the phenomenon of the e-wallet, whereby users transfer funds from their bank accounts or similar, to an online ‘wallet’, and payments can be made from this wallet to merchants accepting the payment method (or vice versa).

Neteller falls primarily in this third category, although its services include elements of the first 2 categories as well.

How a Neteller online casino works

Actually, Neteller, as it currently functions, has three types of service open to customers depending on their preferences, and this goes for Neteller casinos too.

A Neteller account can be used in more than 200 jurisdictions internationally (which is virtually all of them in fact, so you’re unlikely to be somewhere where this e-wallet is unavailable) and is an online account which you can add funds to and make payments to merchants. You can also withdraw cash from your account if you happily make some winnings at a Neteller casino as well.

Additionally, there is the Net+ Prepaid Mastercard, which, as its name suggests, works like a regular Mastercard, including making withdrawals from ATMs, but doesn’t work like a credit card as you have to deposit money to your account before using the card.

Some advantages of Neteller

This brings us to a major advantage of playing at an online casino accepting Neteller, which is that you can’t get into debt difficulties with their technology – you can only spend and play with what you have!

Neteller online casinos allow you to transfer money in a more traditional manner using the money transfer service, though this is likely to be less immediate than the previously-outlined methods.

Furthermore, Neteller’s ubiquity means that you can use many other currencies when making payment using their services, not just Euros but also Dollars, Norwegian and Swedish Kroner and others.

When choosing a Neteller casino online, you should also look out for any special promotions and bonuses connected with this payment method. With these, you can claim bonus money, free spins and the like, simply for using this e-wallet as against another payment method.

Not only does this give you extra playing time and ways to win, but is a double whammy as it highlights the confidence many casinos have in using Neteller and thus underlines how safe, secure and reliable a payment method it is.

Be sure to regularly check our site for news and updates about online casinos using Neteller, and indeed everything else connected with the online gambling industry. You can also sign up to our email alert and get all the info you need direct to your inbox.



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