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Making payments online is not something to be taken lightly.

The fear of breaches in security, fraud, viruses, malware and other nefarious practices all combine to make many people uneasy, even as online payment is a reality for perhaps most people today.

So having a trusted and longstanding payment provider can make a huge difference in people’s lives, not to mention one which is fast and widely available.

The boom in online gaming has been accompanied by a corresponding boom in secure, online payment providers, and that growth looks set to continue (naturally Bitcoin will also remain on the agenda for the foreseeable future as well).

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Whilst all of these secure payment methods are reliable and reputable (they have to be) they have different pluses and minuses, and so some methods suit an individual more than others.

Some of them are pre-paid cards, which leave little or no paper trail, which suits some gamers; others are eWallets which hold virtual money and can be deposited into/withdrawn from by both player and casino. These leave a trail but are relatively anonymous and don’t usually entail personal details being divulged to the merchant.

Then there are the more ‘traditional’ methods like wire transfer, bank transfer and credit/debit card, which are the most information-heavy of all and which by necessity require you to give your details to the casino. Each to his own.

What is PayPal?

The history of this little payment provider that could began in 2000 with the merger of 2 companies, namely Confinity and, who decided they could make something stronger than the sum of its parts, and soon after that PayPal became one the main payment methods of choice at online auction house eBay; in fact it became a subsidiary of that company in 2002 (actually accounting for a huge proportion of the online auction house’s business, perhaps approaching as much as half of total revenues).

In the early days of gaming, however, to talk about a PayPal online casino would be something of a misnomer, since PayPal, having taken an early interest in the sector at the beginning, actually exited online gaming in 2002 over concerns about unethical practices and the repute of many operators at the time.

This actually tells in the favour both of PayPal, for doing the right thing at the time, and the online gaming industry, for cleaning up its act, and happily, this payment method has been steadily reentering the marketplace in recent years. There are many online casinos that use PayPal as a prominent payment method, including 888 and Spin Palace, and that looks set to grow and grow.

By 2012 PayPal had some 232 million customers accounting for almost $100Bn of transactions per year, and made over $5bn in revenues.

Of course PayPal online casinos would have accounted for a part of that immense sum, albeit a fairly small proportion, and as noted that upward trend is likely to continue.

Why use PayPal?

We’ve already mentioned the fact that PayPal is highly secure, so that's one reason to favour PayPal casino sites.

But there are others. For instance, did you know that many casinos online that accept PayPal offer a bonus if you use it as a payment method?

These can be pretty generous 100% bonuses or even free spins!

Another plus with PayPal casinos is the service accepts may currencies, around 26 in fact, which means the commonest online casino currencies will be covered (this is not the case with all payment methods, it has to be said).

Most gambling sites not add any service charge for using this eWallet, either, which is often the case with credit and debit cards.

Finally, Paypal is available all over the world and available in many jurisdictions, which is not always the case with other providers either, and using an online casino that accepts PayPal can also be quite straightforward, in comparison with some of the trickier or more involved payment processes.

So a PayPal casino can save you both time and money!

Our site covers all the interesting online gaming news, which would include the addition of any new PayPal casino online as it came up, so bookmark our homepage or sign up to our email alert and keep on step ahead of the game!



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