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Online casino software is one of the most interesting areas of them all, and not just from a nerdish, tech perspective, but for the ordinary player too.

In fact gambling software developers are a particularly smart lot, up there with the best of them.

This is because online casino gaming software has to do two main things. First it needs to provide an exciting and stimulating experience, so lots of Flash animation and all the other must-haves will be there (mobile casino games often make good use of HTML5, given a boost by none other than the late Steve Jobs).

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Forget about the clanking, old slot machines of yore, with their bells and plums and lemons, modern slots have dynamic, animated symbols, symbols which take up an entire reel, expanding wilds, exploding wilds, stacked wilds, scatter symbols, bonus games and second screens, multiple paylines…

…and that’s before we get on to the sound effects, which is a category to itself in online gambling software. Again, forget the old skool stuff, bells and sirens, the present day slots have sounds to rival the best of the regular video games out there and are designed around the theme of the game, so anything from zombie groans to wild animals to submarines to South Park obscenities are par for the course in the gaming experience!

That’s not all as regards the aural experience when playing - gaming software companies also provide very evocative and atmospheric (or just downright noisy) soundtracks for you to play along to.

But don’t worry if you find either music or little soundbites while you’re playing annoying – of course you have the option of muting sound as with any normal game!

What else do casino software developers provide?

Casino software providers don’t confine their activities to slots though; all the great table games like Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack are available in a multitude of different versions from developers like NetEnt, providing a gaming experience that’s about as close to the real thing as is possible.

Actually that’s not quite true, other casino software solutions include Live Dealer options, which as the name suggests allow you to play with a real dealer via a video link up, so just like a casino without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Online casino software companies are able to provide Live Dealer packages thanks to technological developments which were not around even a few years ago, which goes some way to demonstrating just how software-driven the online betting industry is today.

Indeed, whilst new casinos appear now and again, we’ve also had some great new developers arriving on the scene in recent years, not only NetEnt who have really set the industry standard in their short existence, but also Yggdrasil, Blue Gem and others.

One worry that some players have is that all the various software platforms, or more accurately operating systems, are not accounted for.

But people should rest assured, casino games software is all-inclusive, and playable on Apple desktops as much as PC variants.

Not only that, but mobile gaming is an ever-growing sector and takes in all types of smartphone, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and others, as well as tablets.

And you can be confident that the best casino software will always move with the times and with future developments – after all, it’s in their interests to do so and not to get left behind!

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