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There are literally hundreds of online gambling sites out there. They vary hugely in quality, repute and range of games and we would be the first to admit that it can be extremely difficult sorting out the wheat from the chaff and getting a casino type which is right for you.

Fortunately help is at hand, not least with Casino Daily News’ site and our sister sites in Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish.

With us you can get a comprehensive, easy-to-use overview of the types of online casinos and, most crucially, introductions to only the cream of the crop.

If a site isn’t listed here, that means it’s not worth playing – we say that not to boast, but because we know there are quite frankly sharks out there which bring the industry into disrepute and, worse still, will take your money no questions asked (Unibet springs to mind).

Paddy Power Rebrands as Péle Power, Receives Cease and Desist Letter

Paddy Power Pele Power 130x90
Ah, Paddy Power, what would we do without your antics? What would you do without your antics? You’d have fewer lawsuits, that’s for sure! (more…) [...]

Exotic Jackpots up for Grabs at EuroGrand Casino

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Betway Offer the Finer Things in Life on Download Platforms

betway mobile 130 x 90
As a Casino Daily News subscriber, you are obviously a reader of impeccable taste and unparalleled style, at home on the beaches of Nice or enjoying the high-roller lifestyle of [...]

Surprises and Hats All Round at Casumo!

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but Casumo hasn’t forgotten its poor deprived players in their hour of need. If you weren’t quick enough for the special Valentine’s promotion that [...]

Wonky Wabbits goes live at Betsafe

Betsafe_wonkywabbits_preview 130x90
Wonky Wabbits, the new video slot offering from NetEnt, is to be available at Betsafe from Monday, 17 February 2014. (more…) [...]

7Red Keep Up the Good Work with Awards at IGA 2014

7Red’s good work and open and honest dealings have been rewarded for the third year running at the International Gaming Awards, held earlier this month in London at the Savoy [...]

Ruby Fortune Add Latest Microgaming Slots to Offerings

Ruby_Fortune_February 130x90
In a move that should take absolutely no one by surprise, Ruby Fortune have added the latest Microgaming releases to their already impressive listing of slots. (more…) [...]

Love is in the air at Casumo

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Casumo are hoping That they can help you win!... (more…) [...]

What Payment Methods do Online Casinos Use? Part Three

We have to admit it, even we at Casino Daily News sometimes get bewildered by the vast range of payment methods which are out there; credit cards and debit cards, [...]

Medieval Fantasies Turned into Cash at iGame

iGame_Avalon_II 130x90
The rise of Avalon II, Quest for the Grail marks a return for Microgaming to the mainstream casino scene, and has left already an indelible mark on iGame Casino, taking [...]
That said, we’re always open to new casinos, if they meet our stringent requirements that is. One recent addition to the fold was SuperLenny. In other words be sure to check back here on a regular basis for any new additions which have passed the test, offering the best bonuses, free spins, customer service, payment methods, withdrawal terms and range of games.

What are the various types of casinos out there in the online world?

Broadly speaking casinos can be split into 5 main categories: Slots, sports betting, live dealer, no-download, download and mobile.

Please note that most casinos are a combination of some or even all of the above – for instance a no-download gambling site may offer a downloadable option, or a mobile one will also usually offer games to your desktop as well – though a gaming site will tend to be predominately one casino type or another.

Slots are the real bread and butter games when it comes to types of casinos online, being amongst the most fun to play, not to mention boasting the biggest payouts. All online casinos that we list will host a well-stocked selection of slots, as well as core table games like Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat in a variety of different versions.

Sports betting casino types as their name suggest allow you to bet on all types of sports, to only traditional gambling sports like horse racing, but also football, American football and, well most sports. You can even bet on sports whilst they are in progress, ie. live betting, which brings us to our next category…

Live casinos most commonly employ so-called live dealers when playing their table games like Roulette. Some people prefer this more human touch, and with recent advances in technologies it’s possible to play via video link against a live dealer; the closest you can get to the real thing. A subset of this type of casino is the online Poker rooms which allow you to play various types of Poker against other players in real time, and some of our listed sites have this capability too.

No-download and download are 2 types of online casinos which players will often look out for, depending on their requirements. Download casino types require you to install a small program on your computer desktop, and in the early days of online gaming were the commoner and preferred option due to the faster speeds and better gaming experience they offered. With the no-download variant, you can play straight in your browser, which is an increasingly popular option and indeed the only game in town when it comes to mobile casinos, our next point…

Mobile casinos are the latest big thing in the online gaming industry – and expect it to get bigger and bigger. With the smartphone revolution allowing players to play proper, entertaining games on a screen that’s larger than a postage stamp, with the biggest successes being often free of charge, it was only a matter of time before the online casinos got on board, and they have done so with a verve that only our industry could bring.

You can now play all your favorite online slots on the hoof, not to mention table games as well, and some astronomical wins have already been netted using this very means of playing. Please note that mobile casino games includes those for tablets like Samsung or the ubiquitous iPad, and the in-between ‘Phablet’ devices as well. The daily commute to work will never be the same again!

Do casino types vary in any other way?

You can also add to this resume of the types of online casinos the various geographical divisions in the market. Naturally these will tend to take the local currency, Pounds, Euros etc, and will also have a variety of different payment methods. Even Bitcoin is starting to be accepted in a few cases!

Scandinavia and particularly Norway are quite closed and well-regulated markets, though there are opportunities for players from outside the region to play with some of the great casinos there. The UK and Ireland, as well as Australia, are heavily sports-betting focused and open to players from all over the place; the US is going through a transitional phase regarding the legality of online gaming at the time of writing, but still boasts some great casinos, and with emerging markets like Russia entering the affray, this is an exciting time to be an online gamer!



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