Betsoft Gaming Release Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Betsoft Gaming Release Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Betsoft Gaming is reviving the literary classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and as usual they are doing it very stylishly.
Impressive 3D gameplay and cinematic story sequences, innovative new extra screens for bonus games and a compelling story of a young medical doctor with a dark secret — it’s all there.

The game has 5 reels and 30 paylines and features symbols that interact with each other – when 2 red potions combine with a Jekyll symbol he transforms into a Hyde symbol, and the reverse happens when 2 green potions touch a Hyde symbol at the same time.

Try your luck in several cool bonus games like the Hyde Run bonus, where Hyde turns into a berserker right in the middle of London and tears the city apart in this cinematic sequence that looks quite amazing.

Or mix together different substances to release the massive wins in the Potion Mixing bonus round.

To make the transformation between the two main characters easier and more profitable, this game also includes a special Wild symbol that only works in combination with the Jekyll and Hyde symbols.

This video clip will give you some idea of the amazing story and the graphics that you can look forward to.