Bingo Rules

Bingo Rules

Bingo, a game of luck, is one of the most played games, as it does not require players to use strategies to enhance their chances of winning. In accordance with Bingo rules, players have to purchase a card with numbers printed out in a specific format. The format of a card is the number of cells situated across and down. For instance, in a 9×9 card, you will find 9 cells across each of the 9 columns.


Card Format

A standard card will have a few numbers from one to seventy-five, placed in a 5×5 format. At the top of the card, the letters in the name will be printed out. Each letter will be placed above a column. A few of the twenty-five spaces in the card will be empty, the others will have a number each in them. The center of some of the cards may be marked ‘free space’. They are generally considered to be filled.


Purchasing Cards

The number of cards you can purchase will depend on the rules of the betting house where you play. Most casinos allow players to use several cards. However, it is best to only purchase as many cards as you can manage conveniently in a game.


To find out how many cards you can play, start with a small number, like three. Once you play these cards, you will know whether it was easy or difficult to manage the three. In case it was very easy, you can increase the number of cards you use for the next game. If not, you can decrease the number.


At the beginning of every game, the pattern you will have to get on your card to win will be published. Players compete against each other. The objective of every player is to be the first to get the required pattern. There are a number of patterns to choose from. Here are a few simple patterns:



players should get particular alphabets on their cards. It will depend on what is mandated.



the lines you should get will be specific in terms of how they should be placed on the cards. You may be asked to get a diagonal line, horizontal line, or vertical line.


Clover leaf, four corners and full-house are a few other patterns.



After all the players have purchased their tickets, the caller will read out numbers that have to be marked on your cards, if you have them. The numbers are generally picked at random. When the numbers are called, the caller will state both, the letter (signifying the column where a number is) and the digit. You will have to mark it only if the digit and letter match those on your card. For instance, if the caller brings up B45, you should have the number 45 in a space below the column marked B. This way, the caller will read out a few numbers. If, by the end of the game, you have marked out the called numbers to form a pattern like the one required, you will win.