Casino News Video Bulletin: July 2014

We’re talking about jackpots this time, mostly because there are a whole bunch of them.
We take a look at a brand-new progressive jackpot slot, Mega Fortune Dreams, the sequel to the extremely popular Mega Fortune jackpot which was responsible for the biggest payout ever in 2013, at 17.8 million. Now the jackpot on its little brother, Mega Fortune Dreams, is already over the 1.5 million mark, meaning that something big could happen soon!

We also bring you some breaking news from one of our favorite casinos, LeoJackpot, who will launch a new bonus promotion called the Jackpot Bonanza in the very near future. Every day, 1,000 will be shared between a random number of players at random times during the day. The best part is, you don’t need to make a deposit: any registered player with an active account can get the Bonanza bonus!

Finally, we take you on a walk through the age-old pastime of gambling, with some very surprising facts and figures to show you. For example, did you know that gambling used to be a civic duty in the United States, or that Roman children had to learn how to gamble, by law? All this, and more, is waiting for you in our infographic on the history of gambling.

So for all this, watch our video, and remember to check back in for all the latest from the gambling world!