Celebrate Vera&John’s Third Birthday with Mysterious Gifts

Celebrate Vera&John’s Third Birthday with Mysterious Gifts

Three years is a long time, so it’s very fitting that the celebrations are also long and festive, and the party doesn’t end in few hours.

Vera&John are making this birthday bash a three day long festival that starts on Friday, 21 February and lasts all the way to Sunday.

There will be plenty of gifts and fireworks. What makes the gifts extra special is that instead of giving gifts to the birthday hero this time the guests will be the ones receiving gifts.

You just have to show up by logging in to your Vera&John account.

To create an appropriate mysterious atmosphere for their birthday bash, Vera&John have not announced the exact gifts yet, but we do know that there will be free spins, deposit bonuses, casino tournaments and tripled loyalty points.

The mystery will remain all through the weekend, so you will have to log in every day to check the days’ special gifts and celebrate with the Vera&John family.