Crazy Monkey

In a Nutshell


Crazy Monkey is a jolly jape of a slot from those crazy folk at Novomatic, the online slots component of Austrian developer Novoline.


Let the crazily cheeky monkey help you spin the slots to amass a good bankroll of both cash and, in the bonus feature, bananas, for extra winnings.


A Closer Look


Crazy Monkey is a typically simple yet immensely playable game from Novomatic.


You can play from 1 to 225 credits on 1-9 lines, over 5 reels and our tree-climbing friend does battle with lions, butterflies, pineapples, bananas, snakes and an anvil to bump up your credit.


The Wild symbol is a traditional African mask which substitutes for all except the top symbol, a ‘crazy monkey’ which pays out as much as 5,000 for all 5 reels.


Like many of Austrian developer Novomatic’s games, Crazy Monkey is quite high tolerance meaning you don’t see payouts all that often, but when they do come they tend to be pretty substantial.


Bonus Game Features


The Scatter symbol is the crazy monkey himself. If you get 3 or more on any position on the reels in one spin, you’ll immediately whiz over to the bonus screen, where you must make the monkey tug on 5 ropes suspended from the trees.


Get a bunch of bananas for points, which become credit at the end of the round.


However the bonus round ends if an anvil drops down and bonks the monkey on the head, making him see stars and returning you to the regular game.


If you happen to get bananas on all 5 pulls you’re taken to the next screen — choose the right door (out of 2) and you win a fantastic prize of up to 168,750!


But choose wisely – get it wrong and it’s straight back to the regular screen…


Special Features


Like all Novomatic games, Crazy Monkey has the signature ‘gamble or collect’ feature. This is triggered every time you have a win in regular play, where you get the ‘take or risk’ option, which, if you take it, opens up a video poker type screen, where you can double your winning on the last spin if you beat the dealer’s card from one of the remaining 4.


You can continue to double up each time for as long as you like unless you either lose to the dealer or decide to claim your winnings. You then go back to the main screen.