Gin Rummy Rules

Gin Rummy Rules

Gin Rummy had a lot of dedicated players in the 1930s when stars from Hollywood took a liking to it. Since then, the game has been a favorite of players who enjoy skill-based card games. Gin Rummy rules state it is a two player game in which players’ objective is to meld their cards as quickly as they can. Like in many other card games, you will have to use a standard deck of 52 cards. The aces will be valued low.



To begin, a dealer should be chosen from between the players. For this, the players will have to draw cards, and the one with the highest valued card will take the place of the dealer. Then ten cards are dealt to each player. A discard pile will have to be created by the dealer. From the deck, he will have to turn one card face-up, making it the first up-card. The remaining cards from the deck will be placed face-down. They will become stock cards.


The opponent will get the first chance to refuse or use the up-card. In case he takes it, he will have to remove one from his hand to add to the discard pile. However, in case the player refuses the card, the dealer can take the up-card. If neither want it, the player will have to pick the card at the top of the stock pile and add it to the discard pile. With this, the round ends.


The player and dealer will change roles in the next round and the ones that follow it. You have the option to take the card at the top of the stock or discard pile. In case you are able to meld the cards in your hand, sort them. After this, you can discard a card. Following this, if it is your turn to act and your hand has cards that you can arrange into a meld (with the exception of one), you should say ‘gin’.


The final discard you make should be done face-down with a card that cannot be included in the meld. You can the place all your cards face-up so your opponent can see the hand.


Moves in the game

There are other moves you can make in the game.



You have the option to end a game before your opponent reaches gin. For this, you will have to knock. When it is your turn, you should take a card, discard one face-down, and say ‘knock’. The melds should be kept face up so your opponent can see them. Place your unmatched cards, also known as deadwood, in a pile next to the melds. When summed, the total value of the deadwood points should not exceed 10.


Lay off:

In case you knock, your opponent will get the chance to lay off his cards onto your melds. Once you reach gin, your opponent will not be allowed to lay off.



When the value of deadwood cards are added, aces equal a point, face cards ten, and number cards will have their original value. In case you make a gin, you will get a sum of the deadwood points your opponent makes and a bonus of 25 points. If you have knocked, and the deadwood score you make is less than what your opponent gets, a difference of the two will be given to you.