Android phones have come a long way since the launch of the protocol back in 2007, effectively the brainchild of Google and a consortium of other companies including Samsung and HTC, it has risen to the challenge put down by Apple and its iconic iPhone.

With its widespread use and fanbase and rapid growth, it’s no surprise that android casino apps started appearing fairly early on.

The downside of this rapid growth of Android casino online is that disreputable gambling sites, developers and other players can get between you and a pleasant and fruitful gaming experience, and that is why it is crucial you check and keep checking our site for not only the best android casinos out there but the most trustworthy and secure ones as well.

Android Casino

Android is a complex technology open to abuse due to its open standard nature, so we want to be sure that any casino apps for android you use are all ok.

Fortunately, then, there is a rich seam of reputable operators out there, including folks like Thrills, who have a thriving suite of Android casino games for you to use as part of their mobile casino offerings.

We’re talking seriously popular slots of the moment including games like Gonzo’s QuestJack Hammer and others.

It has to be said that not all casinos are Android-enabled at the time of writing, and sometimes there are greater selections available for the iPhone.

However, that will be set to change, casinos are adding Android options to their sites all the time, and not only for slots either.

Many Android casinos also provide their table games on mobile as well, so you can play Roulette or Baccarat on the go too if you wish.

There are plenty of free casino apps for Android available as well, as noted above, be sure that these come from the casinos we recommend or at the very least do your research before downloading anything.

That being said, free casino games for Android phones are a burgeoning area just as other types of free games (Flappy Birds anyone?) are, and indeed research shows that many teens play free gambling games, be it at an online Android casino or elsewhere, which is great because they get to familiarize themselves with the principles and realities of gaming without losing any money – something their parents never had!

One more thing – Android isn’t just applicable to phones, the platform is also available on tablet and an Android casino will as often as not offer games for tablet as well as phone.

Furthermore, although we have referred to ‘apps’ here, in fact as often as not, you don’t need to download anything, thanks to the emergence of mobile casinos which require no download and can be played direct as flash games. NetEnt’s Touch line of games is one great example of these games.

So be sure to check back regularly as this fascinating sector continues to develop and grow, and for all the up-to-date news about the best android casino games.