Anybody who has their finger on the pulse of the online gaming world will know that mobile gaming is the hottest phenomenon right now.

That being said, we realise that not everybody does have their finger on the pulse, so to speak, and that some people are newcomers to the world of gaming, and that is why we are providing this guide to mobile gaming!

Actually, this section is purely about iPhone and iPad casinos. We have written about Android and Windows Phone mobile casinos as well, do not fear.

iPhone/iPad Casino

So what about using your iOS tablet or smartphone for gaming?

Got an iPhone and/or iPad but never used it for gaming? Worried about security on your tablet/smartphone? Don’t have one but want to find out more? Wondering what are the best casino apps for iPhone or the best casino apps for iPad?

Don’t worry, this item attempts to cater for all comers so read on and we’ll shed some light on the wonderful world of iPhone casinos and their iPad variants.

A little history first: Apple’s iPhone first came out in 2007, and is at the time of writing the iPhone 5S and 5C are the most up-to-date versions.

The iPhone is needless to say a smartphone with many functions and capabilities, with its own in-built apps (basically little programs which perform different tasks) which can be augmented with downloadable apps via Apple’s app store.

The good news is that when it comes to mobile gaming, presumably since it is an even more recent development than the iPhone and other smartphones themselves, you generally don’t need to download anything.

There are some downloads which will give you free casino games for iPhone, but since you can often play games for free on most gambling sites anyway, you don’t have to opt for a special download.

Games will vary from developer to developer; one of the most popular ranges is NetEnt’s Touch line, which comprises not only major slots like Gonzo’s Quest but also table games like Blackjack.

The iPad was launched a few years later in 2010 and was an immediate hit, setting the benchmark for the tablet computer market. We are currently on the 4th generation of iPad and the iPad Mini, which is slightly smaller than the regular tablet as its name suggests, has been around since 2012.

iPad casino apps are available in the same way as iPhone casino apps, but players should keep in mind that there are free casino games for iPad, but the sources offering them aren’t always reputable and moreover you can usually play the best iPad casino games for free with most of the good online gambling sites anyway.

So an iPhone casino and iPad casino are essentially the same thing, and are usually listed in the mobile section of a site, and will often be accompanied by the same games in other smartphone and tablet formats.

Be sure to check this site regularly for the best iPhone casino games and the same games for iPad, as this area is constantly changing with new games being added to casinos’ mobile suites, and sometimes new developers and gambling sites appearing as well!