Mobile casinos are one of the hottest new developments to have emerged in the online gaming world in recent months, with Android-based phones like Samsung and HTC vying for consumer attention with Apple’s iPhone as the best place to play casino games. However, there’s another significant player in town – Windows Phone.

Windows Phone is an exciting and still fairly new technology which superseded the old Windows Mobile and is of course from Microsoft – you didn’t think they weren’t going to get involved in the smartphones games somehow or other did you?!?

Just to clarify, a bit like Android, Windows phone is the operating system; the actual physical phone itself is constructed by hardware makers like HTC and Huawei, so you’d need to get one of those magic devices before you start downloading Windows Phone casino apps.

Windows Phone Casino

We should probably say here that, unlike iOS and Android, the Windows Phone OS is ONLY for phones, there are at the time of writing no tablet devices or similar for use with this technology.

Whither Nokia?

Please note that the former mobile phones giant was acquired, or at least its mobile phone component was acquired, in 2013 so anything called Nokia released since then is in effect a Windows phone as well – in fact these have been branded to date as the Lumia line of phones.

What about Windows Phone casinos?

Yes, just getting to those. Since Windows Phone operating system is a newcomer in comparison with Android and iOS, plus as noted it is only applicable to phones and not tablets, at this stage users might find there is slightly less on the market in terms of real money Windows Phone casinos – but that will change.

In fact, as it stands, there are already plenty of gambling sites out there offering Windows Phone casino online.

It tends to be the case that online gambling sites will offer their games in a general mobile section and not just as a Windows Phone casino, so you need to check carefully which operating systems are being offered on mobile.

On the other hand, many sites, including Bet-at-Home, are starting to stock up their Windows Phone online casino with top games, and that trend looks set to continue in future.

You need to check with your online casino’s mobile section, if it has one, and more and more of them do, including most of the big players, and the types of phones which can be used for gaming with the website in question should be listed.

Without going too much into the detail of what a Windows Phone casino app looks like, Windows Phones are much more consumer-friendly and easy to use than the older, more business-oriented Windows Mobile system, and Windows 8, the most up-to-date platform at the time of writing, has the benefit of higher resolution screens so is more beneficial for playing games, as well as better support at the best Windows Phone casinos.

One final point, although we have referred to ‘apps’ here, if the iPhone/iPad and Android versions of games on mobile casinos are anything to go by, there won’t actually be any apps required to be downloaded – the game should be playable directly on the website, probably as Flash games and with no download needed.

So be sure to check back here as the list of Windows Phone casinos continues to grow as surely as all the mobile gaming industry will continue to develop as well.