What is a Random Number Generator?

What is a Random Number Generator?

A Random Number Generator, also called RNG, is a system integrated in a gaming software to produce numbers unpredictably in games. The numbers typically show up as game results, which indicate whether you have won or lost. This shows that the RNG has an important role to play in the games you play.


How does RNG work?

The numbers brought up by the generator during games are results of an advanced formula. They are generally based on one of two principles. One involves comparing an event with a random result that is expected. This will serve to compensate any biases in the measurement. The other principle requires the use of algorithms (computational) which can create long sequences of outcomes that are random. Most gaming sites opt for the latter, as the value required for producing the results are shorter than that in the former.


How do I know if the generator is reliable?

A key feature of a reliable number generator is that the numbers it generates do not follow a pattern. This makes it difficult for players to predict the numbers that will show up each time. To provide players assurance about the reliability of their RNG, gaming sites generally get the system tested by independent bodies.


The organizations conduct statistical tests and provide reports of their findings. Most gaming sites that are dedicated to giving their players a safe gambling experience will publish the reports on their sites. To verify whether the RNG used by a gambling site you play at is reliable, all you have to do is check the report.


Online casinos generally replace their number generators regularly, to prevent players from finding out the formula used by them. If a player finds out the RNG, he will know which cards will be brought up in a game. This information is all he requires to win the game.



In online slots games, the generator plays a role in the way the reels spin and the combinations that show up when they stop. Even when the game is not being played, the number generator is always moving through numbers. Each stop of a slot wheel corresponds to a number. When the wheels stop, the results that show up are based on what number was brought up by the RNG in that round. This is one of the factors that make slots a luck-based game.


Bingo and Keno

The RNG acts as the caller that brings up the numbers you have to mark on your online bingo and keno tickets. If the RNG in an online bingo game is truly random, you can be sure that there is an equal chance that each of the numbers that can be brought up in the game will be generated the same number of times in the long run. For instance, in a 90-ball bingo game, there is a high likelihood that all 90 numbers will be called in a long session.



Similar to slots games, the RNG in online roulette works all the time. This means that in any instance, the number generator in a game is producing numbers. The numbers correspond to the stops where the roulette ball lands according to the odds in the roulette version you play. Based on this and the kind of bets you place in the game, you will either win or lose.